Thursday, February 3, 2011!!!

Sweeeeeeeeeeet powder skiing!!!!! Me (right) after some of the best powder turns of my life. It was amazing looking down
from the top of the mountain. (view below)

FACT: The Eiffel Tower is HUGE!!!

We went to the Eiffel Tower when it was kind of dark out, so there were lights all over it. It was so cool! (I'm lucky I got a pic, there were TONS of people.)

Oh, my bad crash.
It was pretty bad. Like really bad. :(
I can't believe Logan happened to get my crash, too! And Eleanore, we had a party!!! It was awesome, we ate, and danced, and ate some more! (we got to bed late that night)
Fun in France!



  1. That was a fun night especially the Eiffel tower. You want to know why the drive was so long that night is because I just figured out that we are staying in Switzerland! (on the border of Switzerland and France)

  2. Jacob, did that crash give you whiplash? Have you skied in every country? The picture of the Eiffel Tower is REALLY cool! What are cooler, French parties, or American parties? Safe travels,
    From Lake Baikal,
    Niki Mouse :)

  3. Sweet, that sounds like so much fun! How light was the POW?

    Cody :)

  4. Jacob,

    I am glad you had a fun party!!

    Last year, when I was in Paris, I remember looking at the Tour Eiffel (that is how you say it in French) and seeing it sparkle. It was so beautiful. I also went to the top of the Tour Eiffel and I looked through a telescope and saw a mini Statue of Liberty in the middle of the river!! It was so funny!
    Have a really good time in France!! LZ

  5. Niki, yes, so far yes, and the parties? I'm going to have to say french.

    Cody, Preeeeetty light.

    Yacob :)

  6. Jacob, thanks for your LOVE of France. I loved it too! I love the Eiffel Tower at night! It's stupendous and what's great is during the day it's surrounded by a big long park like our National Mall and there are lots of people in circles playing guitars and some (ewwwww) kissing. It's fun to be in Paris. Thank you for your post. Carolyn

  7. What's up with you guys crashing? Seriously,
    learn how to ski.I mean sure I crash sometimes,
    but not that bad.
    take lots of pictures!