Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Partying in Argentina

Hi everybody!!

It is really late here in Argentina. The reason for this is that tonight Anna and I went to a party. But I don't mean just any old party. I mean a party in Argentina. That means... CRAZY!!!!!! If any of you come to Argentina you have to go to some sort of party. It is a must. You dance like crazy, you eat like crazy and then you dance some more like crazy.

       Well,  enough with the parties (even though I could talk about them all night) and on to the fun stuff.
This is Buenos Aires. The city that Anna and I are staying before we go down south to Patagonia.
   Four days ago we walked downtown (which is a long walk from where we are staying because Buenos Aires is the second largest city in the world) to a Flamenco class we had signed up for when we were on the the plane here from Italy. Our teacher's name was Marianna. Maybe when we all get back home Anna and I can do a little show for you all??!!
    The Flamenco dance has been a big deal here since the Spanish came to Argentina. Now, almost all the dancers here know how to dance the Flamenco.

This is Marianna at one of her shows we attended.

Yesterday we traveled down to Patagonia. One of the most beautiful places I have ever been to.

Look at these mountains!!
This is the only glacier in the world that is growing. It is called the Perito Moreno glacier.

Well, I probably should be getting to bed now. It is 2 AM.

See you guys soon!!






  1. Eleanore, this was such a fun and interesting post. That city! Talk about sprawling cities! Unbelievable! It's huge! How did two small people like you and Anna navigate such an enormous place? Oh, I know: you're smart, brave, resourceful people! Yes! Okay, so my favorite photo of all is the Flamenco dancer. She looks like a bird. It's gorgeous. Marianna makes me want to be a Flamenco dancer and I have Zero...count them...ZERO moves. :) Please show us some moves when you get home. And finally, the south. The place I've wanted to see forever. Those spires! The mountains are amazing. I've heard, am I right, that I can even see FLAMINGOS (NOT FLAMENCOS) there? Pink? How were those mountains formed? Please tell us. Thank you! Carolyn

  2. I expect to see some EXPERT Flamenco dancing when you get back! Outfit and all, I will rate you 1-10, no pressure. Sounds like you are having a blast! Beunos Aires sounds so different from Lake Baikal, while you are in the big bustling city, I am on the shores of a quiet serene lake, and it is FREEZING!

  3. Hey you guys, are there any Inca or mayan ruins where you're at?


  4. You are using my picture of a flamenco dancer without my permission. It is NOT a picture of "Mariana" and is not from a show you attended!
    I request that you remove my picture from your blog.