Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rugby World Cup 1995: New Zealand perform haka in final

Who here was Heard of rugby??? It's one of my favorite sports ever!!! and it is big in New Zealand. Here is a video of the new zealand rugby team doing their Haka, My favorite player is Jonah Lomu, look him up, this is really cool!!!!


  1. Ellie, isn't it a cool and kind of scary thing the New Zealand team does?? LZ

  2. I love this tradition. I like so much how the country embraces the Maori traditions in its popular sports. Frances made a great blog about New Zealand and the Maori culture...did you get a chance to check that out? Thanks for putting a video on the blog, Ellie! So fun! And did you read anything about the earthquake in your research? Thanks, Ellie! Carolyn PS I had no idea rugby was one of your favorite sports! C