Tuesday, February 15, 2011

27 South 109 West

Nicholas and I are here looking at the Moai, statues on the island of Rapa Nui. Rapa Nui is another name for Easter Island located of the coast of Chile. One of the over 600 statues on the island stands 65 feet tall.


  1. Keegan! That is one of the best maps I've seen in a while! Thank you for that! It shows so much about this CRAZY island in the middle of NOWHERE! How did you get there? And how and WHY did the people of that island build those Moai? Is it a mystery or do scientists know? Thank you so much for your entry, Keegan! Carolyn

  2. Keegan, do many people live on Easter Island? On the map I saw some sort of city or town.

    I also see that there are lots of trails/paths, did you do a lot of hiking?

    I am glad you are having a good time!! LZ