Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Titanic 2

Eleanore and I figured that since we're so close to Antarctica, we might as well go there. But you
might be wondering why this is called Titanic 2. I'll tell you, and I'll start from the beginning, the very beginning. We left Argentina early Saturday morning, every thing seemed fine, sailing through ice water in the dark.(ha ha) We were in our room having a pillow fight when Eleanore said she heard something, so I stuck my head out and saw every one scrambling around and I went up to Eleanore and said "we gotta pack." We stuffed all the stuff we could into our water proof, floatable backpacks and ran up to the deck. Of course only the women and
children were being put in life boats. It was right then that I realized my changes of clothes were still in the room so I ran back down and grabbed them with my lower body submerged in water. I then ran back up to the deck and made the last life boat by an inch. We were all lowered into the water or onto ANOTHER iceberg! Our rescue boats immediately sank . We were floating around in the water when our life vests stopped working. Our last hopes were our water proof, floatble back packs, but then those popped! We were just left floating around in the ice water until some penguins came and gave and gave us a ride, and that is where we are right now. So far it has beena pleasant vacation.



  1. Did you give the penguins some food after they gave you a ride?


  2. Anna, this sounds horrifying! How long can a human last in water that cold? And how far out into the ocean do penguins swim? And who won the pillow fight? :) Carolyn