Wednesday, March 2, 2011


When I first got to Codyland, I landed my helicopter in Cody City. Cody City sits in the southern portion of Codyland, just north of Strawberry Peninsula and every building is as high as the Empire State Building. It was dark out and you could hear the dogirds (aka dog-birds) yawn from 590,678,510,660 miles away. I could feel the light, wonderful breeze. The next day when the Ooga (sun) came out, it got so hot (500*F) that I had to head to Snow Volcano to cool off and ski. The greatest part of Snow Volcano is that every time you jump a cliff and make a bomb hole, the pow immediately fills in your hole. All tracks are first tracks!

After my legs got too tired to ski any longer I headed to Paintball Land. Thing One and Thing Two, my head scientists in Paintball Land, make robots that are programmed to shoot paint balls at me. The robots roll across the land like rolly-pollys and make my target practice challenging. Unfortunately today I lost the battle when one of my robots caught me and threw me all the way to Air Bag Valley, just east of Mt. Everest. I hit the suction shuttle button which vacuumed me to the top of Mt. Everest. With my skis I dropped in from the highest points and launched a triple cork 1620* onto one of the airbags in the Valley.

I got so hungry I had to take a break and headed for Spaghetti Tree Peninsula, my very favorite place to dine. Yuuummmmm! My tummy was too full to do anymore bouncing so I went to Zero Gravity Land to take a nap while floating amongst the stars. Goodnight, sleep tight.

I just couldn't get enough of Codyland, so the next morning I got up and went to Dogird Land. My favorite Dogird in all the land is Duke. Duke and I spent all day flying around WaWa Mountain. Waterfalls, lagoons and geysers are everywhere! Whenever my Mom visits she always loves Wawa Mountains the best. Dogird worked so hard carrying me around all day I treated him to Snow Cone Land before heading home.

I may never leave, so I apologize if I miss a few of my classes and blog posts. I hope you understand.



  1. Oh Cody, wow. Sigh. Gasp. Collapse. I want to BE in Codyland. I want to LIVE there! I want to spend my days marveling at your spinning, happy, crazy world. I love it. You did SUCH a good job describing the physical features of your island, showing us the language there, writing so beautifully of your ecstasy (floating in the stars)--did you "fall up" there? The never ending supply of powder just cracks me up. Jeff was talking about a run at Squaw that keeps "refilling" powder when it's windy enough. So funny. You two! Thanks, Cody! Carolyn

  2. Cody!!! Oh my gosh! Can I move to Codyland? PLEASE?!!! EXTRA PLEASE?!!! EXTRA PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP?!!! Well, as you can see, Codyland sounds AMAZING!!! I can't wait to come and visit! LZ

  3. Hey Cody,
    Did you actually mean a TRIPLE cork 1260? Or just a backy 540? If it was a triple cork 1260, I'll be there as soon as you respond. See you maybe in seconds!!!

    Yacob :)

    P.S. Please respond quickly. :)

  4. no it was triple cork 1620 4 and a half spins