Wednesday, March 2, 2011


This is my island. When it rains, it rains lemon drops. I put buckets out to catch them (I love lemon drops).

My island is a volcano. It started in the center of the earth where the rock is so hot it is liquid. It came through a crack in the bottom of the ocean and burped out for millions of years.  It burped and burped until it reached the surface of the ocean. It kept burping until it erupted into my island. At the center of my island is a crater, called Squid Jellyfish Crater. It collects rain.

The crater has an island in it, which has a crater at the center of it, which has an island, which has a crater in it. See it?

Here are some places you might want to visit on my island:

In the northeast, there is Magenta Pineapple Island. You can get magenta colored pineapples there.

In the southeast is my house, which is super small on the outside but when you walk in it's a MANSION. I couldn't take up the whole island with my house so I asked a very NON-famous architect named "Mississippi Granger" (pseudonym) whose real name is John Hancock to build my house.

By pineapple island there are animals that are whales/butterflies. They can swim under water and fly above land.

In the northwest corner of my island there is a graveyard, in which is buried the whale butterflies and the giraffe bumblebees.  The other animals do not die because they drink from the purple lemonade spring next to the graveyard.

On the central southern coastline there is a peninsula. I like to squish putty in my feet on that peninsula.

See you there!

Frances Joy Hamilton


  1. Fjoy,
    Your island sounds sooo great! I can't wait to come see you!!! LZ

  2. Hi Frances. Thank you for your detailed description of your island. It's very interesting. I do not like pineapples (they make my tongue itch) and so I doubt I'd like your food source, but I LOVE the idea of stepping into the water of your crater, then an island, then more water, then another island. Wow. Very origami-ish! Speaking of origami: your mansion sounds unbelievable. If every big building on earth could look something like your house (small on the outside but Wonkishly LARGE on the inside) our earth would be so much less CLUTTERED! Which, of course, means there would be more space for whale-butterfly and giraffe-bumblebees and squid-jellyfish. What a wonderful world that would be. Thank you. Carolyn/Mommy