Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tick Tack Toe Land

Hello!!! Sorry, but when I get home, you all might want to run into your houses and lock all the doors because I just might eat you! I really like cannibals. You see, ever since I went to Papua New Guinea, I have been ever so interested in them!

Here on Tick Tack Toe Land, I convinced some to come and live on my island with me.

Okay, enough with them and on to my island.

My island, Tick Tack Toe Land, is not necessarily beautiful or perfect or a #1 travel destination, but a raw, dangerous place in the middle if the Indian Ocean. But that is why I like it.

There are killer blue birds that circle above you every day, waiting to attack but they never do; there is a sound house on the very end of the peninsula that makes really scary noises to keep people away; there are snakes, bats, big insects, quicksand, and dead rats all over the western side of the island.

But, like all places there are some good things too.  

 TTTL has the longest river in the world, 4,146 miles (one mile longer than the Nile). The river is called, Wonder Stream, but everybody calls it Bay to Bay because it comes in on south east side of the island and goes out the north side, through the delta. 

The whole Island is a meadow (except for one part which is a mountain range that has the tallest mountain in the world that has just been discovered by me), and there is only one type of flower that grows here. It is an orange and pink poppy. It is wonderful to look at. 

These are the orange and pink poppies.
In the center of the island, there is a soda fountain. But it is actually is a fountain of soda!
 It is soooooooooo cool! And, it has the best flavors! My favorite is strawberry. Mmmmmm. I should go get some right now before the line forms.

See you all soooooo soon! LZ


  1. Wow Eleanore you can bet I'll be in tick tack toe
    land soon. You can also bet that I'll be at that
    soda fountain before you can even tell me how to get there!

    I hope I get a discount on a hotel room in tick tack toe land!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anna, yes, you can come to Tick Tack Toe land for free. But, there are no hotels so I am afraid that you will have to stay with the cannibals. Don't worry, they are really nice, sometimes. One of them, Freddypoo, is so great, you can stay with him. If you could just send me the dates you are planning on coming, I will make arrangements. I am glad you are interested in visiting!! See you! LZ

  3. Okay, the funniest of your blogs, yet, I think. Something about cannibalism just cranks up your sense of humor, doesn't it Eleanore? I'd like to say that killer blue-birds that never dive make me laugh; convincing cannibals makes me laugh; a river that beat out the Nile by one mile makes me laugh; dead rats make me laugh (live ones don't); a soda fountain like the one your Baba used to work behind which really IS a fountain of soda makes me laugh. But the real sighing laughter, the laughter that comes from giddiness of joy, comes from the idea that if I went to your island I'd mostly be in a meadow with poppies like YOURS tickling my ankles. I just cannot wait. Thank you. Carolyn

  4. So if it is an island of cannibals what kind of soda do they serve? Hmmm, not so sure I am into soda anymore. The bluebirds I totally get! Every time I go camping in California there is always at least one wicked, pesky little bluebird who always seem to get my breakfast bagel! I am glad to see their true colors are finally being revealed! But once again you taught me to stop and smell all the beautiful flowers, this time, poppies :-) TTTL may not be so bad after all!