Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Logie Land

When I first arrived in Logie Land I thought I was in a dream. I was floating in the
pitch dark with only the stars and the moon to light up the night sky. When the sun rose the next morning I woke up, still floating in the sky, but on golden clouds above a HUGE island shaped like a bear. This was so hard to believe, I pinched myself to see if I was truly awake, OUCH! Slowly, I started sinking out of the sky until I landed at the bottom of a ginormous mountain. Next to me was a rock sculpture about ten feet tall in the shape of the infinity symbol. On one side of the sculpture was a raging waterfall which sprayed me with mist, and on the other side, was a gigantic tree growing in the shape of broccoli.

I started looking around and suddenly a gondola appeared so I jumped aboard. Once I got in I realized I didn't have my skis and I was praying for a miracle in the form of fat pow skis. As the door of the gondola opened, a brand new pair of Jaguar Shark Moment skis appeared. This was my lucky day! Nothing but POW, POW and more POW! I looked behind me and I couldn't see my tracks,then I looked at my feet and the snow was magically filling them in. While I was looking at my feet I went off a HUGE cliff, who knows how big, but surprisingly I stuck it. All of a sudden there was a sweet kicker built on a blind roll over, I did the floatyiest superman front flip I have ever done!

After skiing I went down to the longest river in the world it is 590,450,765 miles long. I took off my ski clothes and my long johns magically turned into waders. Weird! I saw a golden fly rod in the middle of the river!!! I waded into the water and grabbed the golden rod. Let the fishing begin! The next thing I knew I had a huge fish on my line, I tried reeling him in but I couldn't. All of the sudden I was being pulled down the river by some sort of crazy, huge fish!? After wake boarding on my butt for quite a while, I got washed up on a beach.

I got up, dusted off, and then realized I was in my bathing suit. As I looked around I saw a water fountain, but it wasn't water coming out, it was something dark purple and red. What a weird place this is! I went over and tasted it, my favorite POMEGRANATE JUICE!!! I got a cup that was sitting on the side of the fountain and chugged so much that I started turning purple! I sat down on the beach watching the waves and wait for my coloring to come back.

While sitting of the beach I kept hearing some rustling in the bushes. I saw a little dwarf run in front of me, then he grabbed me and threw me off the Head Peninsula and into Fire Cove! I got super mad at him I chased him right into the Delight Forest. Fresh, delicious fruit was everywhere! Wait, I'm trying to catch a dwarf, not eat fruit! I finally caught and tackled that pesky little dwarf and as I was getting ready to pelt him with fruit I saw that it was Cody! I asked him how he got here and he told me about floating in the night sky and riding on golden clouds in a dream world. It was starting to get dark so we finished eating our delightful fruit and headed back toward the beach. Just as I was dosing off, I felt like I was being lifted and into the clouds again. Good night, sweet dreams!

P.S. I think I might want to stay here for awhile.

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  1. Logan, I felt weightless in your first description of your island. Weightless. It was celestial writing! Floating, sinking, spraying waterfall mist, infinity symbols and then WHAM a gondola. Wake-up time! Powder and the brittle reality of not having your skis. But then, yes, back to the celestial, misty writing: praying for a miracle. Moment skis, powder everywhere, floaty flips, ski pants that turn into waders, rivers, holding dearly onto the "Big Fish" (have you seen that movie??? You should) until shore appeared and you chugged your beloved juice until even your skin was satisfied! Dang that man who pushed you into the Fire Cove. What did he think he was doing, barging into your dreamland like that? I love that the Delight Forest distracted you because I'd much rather eat delightful fruit than chase someone who has it in for me. Especially...when...he's...your...pesky...dream-crashing...BROTHER! But there you go, being the good big brother that you are: you found him, listened to his story, let him into your world, and became once again ensconced in your beautiful island world. Ahhhh. I loved it. Thank you. Carolyn