Saturday, March 12, 2011

the plane ride not to home...

I have got to be honest with you , I don't really know where I am , our plane pilot became to busy
planning for his party at his private beach house in Hawaii.I'm guessing the plane fell right around Mexico city because I see a sign that says " WELCOME TO MEXICO CITY " in Spanish. I'm going to start walking down the road , hitch hiking. Can some one please come get me! I'm all alone
because Eleanore decided to stay one extra day in New Zeland. Once again, HELP!


  1. Anna, you're hilarious. Lost again. Your luck with planes is, well, not so lucky at all. Walking home from Mexico will be tough but maybe Eleanore will get your SOS and come find you. :) Carolyn

  2. All I can say Carolyn is that I really hope she does, and that she'll pay for the plane ride to
    hopefully home.
    P.S. can you ask her if she'll be at swimming on
    Thursday, I want to hear how the rest of her vacation was, that is if I can get out of Mexico
    on time!

  3. Anna!!!!! I am coming!! I am on the plane to Mexico City right now!!!!! Sorry, I actually stayed another week in NZ. Sorry!! I will be there in 1:39 min. and 27 seconds. Wait, now 24 seconds. Wait now 21 seconds....


    ps. I will be at swimming on Thursday!!

  4. Hurry Eleanore, I'm so hungry and starving and hungry! Go get rid of the Captain of the plane
    and and fly it your self at top speed to Mexico City! ( and make sure you save some of the salty
    peanuts on the plane, I love those things!)
    - AnNa
    P.S. all of this might sound a little crazy to you
    but remember, I haven't eaten in two 24 hours!