Thursday, March 3, 2011

NICK Name Island

Welcome to NICK Name Island! There is a pretty big mountain range on my island, and in some of the mountains there are caves that have stalagtites and stalagmites. In my favorite cave (below) there are crystal formations. I named this cave Crystal Gleam (nickname: C.G.). Sometimes the rocks in C.G. seem to glow in the light, and it's beautiful!

Do I have any pets? Yes, I do! I have an especially unusual pet. He is a MONSTER! ...named Fluffy (nickname: Fluffs). He is pink and purple and very nice...only to whom I introduce to him and he becomes friends with. I built this castle (below) for Fluffs, and he calls it "Fuffy Caffle". His nickname for it is "Fuffy Home". Fluffs lets my friends and me ride on his back sometimes. He is very fun to hug since he is so very very fluffy.

Oh yes, yes, yes! I have to tell you about the lake, which has tons and tons of fish. Which means really good fishing. So I fish there sometimes and every single time I catch at least one fish. But there is one fish that you rarely would ever see...

...the blobfish! (nickname: Blobby)

My rainforest is a fun place to play. I named it Palm Tree Forest (nickname: Palmy), where I always pick coconuts for their "milk". And there is a stream in this magical place. I usually have a picnic and eat pineapples, mangoes, bananas and pizza (I'll explain why it's pizza later).

Now for the amenities on my island. There is a long running path that leads to a trampoline (which is unusually bouncy) and then into a foam pit. I play on this and learn new tricks.

Back to the pizza. I have a pizza restaurant named Peetsy Pizza. (nickname: Food Place).

I invite all of you bloggers to come visit me and Fluffy on NICK Name Island.



  1. Okay, Nicholas, WONDERFUL post! How fun! Do the people who visit your island get nicknames, too? Is Bobby really a fish? Wow, it looks like Ziggy. Your mom will know what I mean. The cave does look magical, but I'm not really one for caves. I don't like looking deep into something and not seeing light at the other side. Makes me very nervous. I was in a castle once like "Fluffy Caffle" in Scotland. It made me shiver. Castles like that are cold. But I suppose having Fluffy nearby makes everything warmer. Thanks, "Nick." Carolyn

  2. I want to come and visit your island as soon as I can and eat at your restaurant! Send me an invitation!