Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a land... without a name

I'm sorry that I couldn't name my world, I just couldn't decide on one. Anyways, you probably
don't even care about the name, in fact, you're only reading this to find out what my world looks
like. You couldn't care less about the name. However, I do care about the name. And you should to! But you know what, if you don't care about some thing that I do care about, then I'm not going to care about something that you care about. Now lets not forget why you're reading this. ( if you are having trouble figuring out what I'm talking about read words 27-37 ) I'm not going to describe it to you the way that the other children did, I'm only going to tell you what you need to know about: transportation. There are only 7 ways to get around in my world:bike riding
roller blades/skating, skiing, po-go sticking, walking, and dolphin riding. The thing that probably caught your eye most is dolphin riding, let me get one thing straight, this is not the kind of dolphin you're used to. These dolphins are professionals and know where they're going. In my world, D.S. stands for dolphin stop and there are several D.S.s across my territory. The dolphins are all on a track that goes around the land, the track is filled with water ( as you might have guessed.) The only way to get to my world is to wait for a cold snowy night, at midnight you
go outside in your pajamas into your street and this part is very hard, I'm not sure you're ready
for it : you do the chicken dance. ( it helps to cluck) after about ten minuets of chicken dancing
( or at least enough time for me to see it ha ha) you will look at your street sign and discover that
it reads D.S. and right next to it will be a dolphin named Stanly. ( don't worry he doesn't bite, most of the time anyways)
hope to see you in a land... without a name soon!
- Anna




  2. A land... without a name sounds soooooooo fun!! I am going to do the chicken dance tonight. What!? It is snowy! I can't wait to meet Stanly! See ya! LZ
    P.S. Can I come to your Island tonight??

  3. Well, I have to say, Anna, you really got me wondering about the name of your island after that introduction. About, I don't know, 105 solid words describing why you will NOT tell us the name of your island, why we should care, even if you don't, why we should care about that which YOU care and still you won't tell us...and now I'm just dying to know the name of your no-name island. That said, I am THRILLED to know the details of transportation. What a very great perspective through which to understand an island! It says it all! And I want to be there! I want to stand out in my pj's this cold morning (still dark) and do my clucking (because it helps) along with my chicken dance. I want to arrive at Stanly's DS so that I can FINALLY hop on the back of a dolphin, which is something I've always, always wanted to do (along with riding horses in Mongolia). Only the only time I've been able to seriously consider riding on the back of a dolphin I'm at some kind of circus-y place like Marine World and then the spirit of the thing is crushed into a thousand pieces by lines, attention to $$$, and dolphins whose eyes tell me they'd really rather be back out at sea or on your island, doing their thing. But all that is beside the point. Right beside it...on a bench I cannot name, dont' want to name, should not want to name, a bench whose name you should want to know but do not and I resent it. See you on your island and we can talk names of islands and benches...or not. Carolyn

  4. Come tonight, and the next night for all I care
    Eleanore. By the way, Stanly does enjoy tips
    ( a few big ones might sound good to him. You know what I mean?) Carolyn boy oh boy was that
    confusing, again you leave me speechless,names
    of islands, and benches? Quite an odd question,but in a weird way kind of awesome!
    see you all soon and thanks for reading
    Anna's answers!