Saturday, February 12, 2011

34.5 W 151 S

G'day! Welcome to Australia, I am in Sydney right now, it is almost at the bottom on the right side. We are there right now, but we just got there two days ago from exploring the Great barrier reef (upper left) and we were staying in Cairns (next to the little airplane on the upper left). There is so much to do here! Sydney is really cool, and so is the reef, I really recommend coming here!
This is a Huntsman spider, they are only found in Australia, they aren't poisonous, but they are HUGE! This is the scariest thing I have seen so far. Ellie and I are staying with my uncle Mike, he lives here, and one time, he was at a store, and he saw one, and he thought it was rubber, and he touched it, and it ran away, it was so gross! Just to give you an idea of how big they are, put your hands together, but only the thumbs and index fingers should be touching, and then face your palms away from you, and look and them and imagine a spider that size! That is how big they are!

This is me at the Great Barrier Reef hanging out with a stingray, and some other fish, they were just swimming around me like I didn't even exist!

This is Ellie looking straight at one of the biggest fish ever! Little does she know, there is another one swimming right up behind her, swim away Ellie! (Even though they are gentle)

This really freaked me out, I didn't like it at all, but then we saw a little probe (upper center) shining a light on the ship, and Ellie insisted I take a picture, so I did. . . . . . and then swam away at top speed. This was the second scariest thing that we have seen. . .so far.

This is me (again) scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. It was really amazing! You swim into the schools of little fish, and they swim in every direction around you like a tornado almost, and then you are really dizzy. Once you're vision clears you are floating there and all you can see is light blue, and sometimes rocks and fish. Here in Australia, every day is an adventure.


This (above) is the Sydney opera house, isn't it cool?!
It is so much prettier at night than during the day, I mean, don't get me wrong it is amazing during the day, but at night, when everybody still on the bay is either cruising around or sitting there and watching the lights and all the excitement, the Sydney Opera house is a sight to behold. And, another thing that is nice about it, is that no matter how bad of a photographer you are, when you take a picture of the opera house, everyone thinks you are really good!

This is the inside view of the opera house. I am usually not a big opera fan, but this was really cool! I didn't even need the opera singers to entertain me, even though they did. It is so bright in there, that we entered during the day, and when we came out it was night, but we figured it would still be light out, because we were so used to the lights inside!

Niki Mouse :)


  1. Niki, Fjoy and I are really freaked out by the giant spider and we were really scared by the ship!! It reminds me of the Titanic and Titanic 2. Have fun in Australia!! LZ and Fjoy

    P.S. Fjoy didn't like the light shining on the ship. :o :(

  2. I think you meant 151 E, and 34.5 S. That puts you in Sydney your other coordinates put the middle of the south Atlantic ocean.

  3. But maybe she is in the middle of the South Atlantic ocean?? LZ

  4. Thank you for the correction on the coordinates, Logan! :) Latitude first, longitude second. Nicely done! Good try, Niki and now you'll NEVER forget! Eleanore, she is talking about Australia...Sydney to be I do not think she's in the middle of the South Atlantic! See the map? GREAT map, Niki! When talking maps, you get to use "east" and "west" instead of "left" and "right." Try it some time! It's fun! Very empowering! :)

    Great photos, too. You really showed us around Sydney! From the physical characteristics to the cultural. Animals (spiders) to shipwrecks.

    Loved the "mememememe," as in "lalalalalaaa." So funny.

    And how Ellie took such great pictures of you under so much stress is a testimony to her photography skills...and fearlessness. I personally get the most frightened and ready to FLEEEE when I'm underwater and staring at a rusted shipwreck. I just cannot bear it. Well, I think I wouldn't be able to bear it: darkness, depths, mystery, warped sounds, tragic stories never heard but aching to be told. Yikes. Not for me.

    One thing you didn't talk about was the fires. Are you hearing about the horrible bush fires? There has been a deadly heat wave hitting southern Australia and the fires are all over the news.

    "Australia faces a possible 300 percent increase in extreme bushfires by 2050 unless world leaders can agree to dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions, a new report said on Thursday.

    The report, commissioned by Australia's firefighters and environmental group Greenpeace, said the failure of U.N. climate talks in Copenhagen to agree on a treaty to tackle climate change had left Australia facing future catastrophic bushfire seasons."

    Scary scary stuff. Lots of lives, lots of habitat gone.

    Okay, Niki...great post! Thank you. Carolyn

  5. Sydney: 33S, 151 E

    So...Everyone: Latitude comes first. Longitude comes next when you're writing or finding your coordinates.

    Here's how to do it, step by step:

    Find the N/S degree first by tracing the latitudinal lines, which divide the earth into SLICES. Remember Jeff's orange?

    Then find the E/W by tracing your finger along the longitudinal lines, which divide the earth into "WEDGES." Remember the orange?

    Now you won't forget! :) Carolyn

  6. I wasn't there for the orange, but I did latitude first, I just wrote W instead of E oops! So that's PACIFIC ocean to you Logybear, HA!!!! :)

    Niki Mouse :)